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Jenny Blighe

Jenny Blighe



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We love porn, but if there’s anything that we might change, it could be that there\'s a certain uniformity to a lot of the talent out there. Cue Jenny Blighe, the amateur from Arkansas who might not look anything like our divorced neighbor, but could literally be the girl next door – the one you peek at through the fence while grabbing your swollen package as she’s gardening. Her fiery red mane and cover-girl features break the pornstar mold harder than she blows a cock, and that’s hard. Strikingly beautiful, her gemstone blue eyes look right through the screen and deep into your primordial eros. She\'s got drool-worthy tits, a toned midsection with curves your fingertips can follow for days and long legs you can’t help but want wrapped around your neck. That said, this solar flare isn’t just good looks. Jenny is everything you could ask for. She’s hot, versatile, cool, and she says all the right things. Case in point: she loves to mix submissive and passionate sex, and mews about having a man come home for lunch and go back to work with her pussy juice on his trousers. Jenny also gives the blowjob tutorial every dude dreams of, culminating with her ultimate lesson: \"If it’s not on my face, it’s usually down my throat.”Having started as a cam girl before progressing to ‘realcore’, everything she does is on her own terms, so there’s an added sense of realism and excitement. If you want more Jenny Blighe, stick around, because thanks to Pornhub’s Amateur Payment program, she’ll be doing exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else but here.
Birthplace: United States of America
Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight: 243 lbs (110 kg)